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This year’s festival poet

16. August 2017

Every year, the press channels the excitement, exhilaration, and atmosphere of the concerts happening at the Oslo Jazz Festival.  This year, poet Fredrik Høyer throws his hat—and his words—in the ring.

The young Oslo-based poet Fredrik Høyer moves through literary and musical circles, and increasingly in art and theatre.  The wordsmith has collaborated with jazz and hip-hop festival alumni, and most recently has released a poetry collection and album called Grønlandsūtraen, which is now being adapted as a monologue at the National Theatre.

His musical interest and understanding, coupled with his talent for the written word, made him a perfect fit to pave the way as Oslo Jazz Festival’s first Festival Poet.

Throughout the week, Høyer’s poems will be published hot off the press through our various social channels shortly after the performances.  Poems will be in Norwegian.