AOJO & Øvre Foss Storband

There is now a great number of talented young musicians in Norway and it seems they’re just getting better and better every year. Many of them are to be found among the young players of AOJO (Akershus and Oslo Youth Jazz Orchestra) and Øvre Foss Storband (Øvre Foss Big Band). AOJO is a jazz ensemble from Akershus og Oslo, consisting of musicians aged between 16 and 19 under the leadership of sax player Shannon Mowday, which is funded by the Jazz Centre of Eastern Norway. Øvre Foss Storband consists of young players aged between 16 and 21 years, from Oslo and the greater Oslo area.

For this year’s OJF, AOJO has joined forces with members of Øvre Foss Storband to perform what promises to be a smashing concert at the Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria. If you want to hear the sound of the future in Norwegian jazz, we recommend that you get to this gig!