11. - 17. AUG 2024
Christian Winther: Urfuglen

Christian Winther: Urfuglen


Tuesday 15th August 21:00

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Dreamy images of ruthless rampages | Oslo Jazzfestival 2023

Based in Oslo, Christian Winther is a driving force in the alternative, experimental and improvised music scenes with his personal and intuitive attitude towards the guitar and creative songwriting. Urfuglen is his second album as a solo artist. Originally a commissioned work for the Motvind Festival’s 5 year anniversary it also received Norwegian Album Of The Year 2022 in Klassekampen (Chris Monsen).

Behind the title and the Norwegian lyrics, poet Tor Ulvens surreal debut from 1977 shines through. In Winther’s, like in Ulven’s, fabulating universe, surrealism’s instinctive, inward-looking and dreamy pictures are used as a way of processing the often cold and ruthless ravaging happening out there. But most importantly: to remind us of the connections we have with each other.

Here, the contrary is connected with a genuine desire to find the beautiful moment, the shimmering harmony. Alongside Winther is the «flying» band which consists of some of the country's most open-minded musicians.

Christian Winther (guitar og vocals) Anja Lauvdal (synths and piano), Tuva Syvertsen (fiddles and vocals), Ina Sagstuen (vocals and electronics), Magnus Nergaard (bass), Veslemøy Narvesen (drums)

Concert starts 21:00

Doors 20:00