13. - 20. AUG 2022
Kronesalen, Sentralen19/0800:00Buy Ticket

Moskus is a trio consisting of some of Norway's finest jazz musicians, who have all played at the Oslo Jazz Festival before, but who for some inexplicable reason have not played together as the trio Moskus at the festival. Fortunately, this can be rectified with this year's festival.

The trio consisting of Anja Lauvdal, Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson and Hans Hulbækmo recently released their sixth album Papirfuglen. Here they show their view of the world through excellent improvisation in a genre-free universe and consolidate their position as one of the most important and exciting voices of their generation of both Norwegian and international jazz. With the trio's distinctive signature of infectious playfulness, welding-blind genre mix and obstinate experimental will, Moskus takes another step into uncharted musical ground.

Do not miss Moskus performing the material from Papirfuglen on the top floor of Sentralen in Kronesalen at midnight.

13. - 20. AUG 2022

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