12. - 16. AUG 2020


BUZZ-workshop is an educational program for children and youth aged 6 to 16. Open to anyone who plays an instrument and are curious about jazz and improvisation. The participants explore the jazz genre and interacts with peers who have the same interest in music, under the guidance of professional musicians and educators.

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“Improbasen” the youth center for jazz and improvisation facilitates the workshop. The youngest participants focus on traditional jazz, while the older and more experienced explore free improvisation. The instructors in 2019 are Odd André Elveland, Ayumi Tanaka and Henriette Eilertsen. The project is supported by Norsk musikkråd – KOMP, and The Norwegian Academy of Music offers rehearsal spaces.

Age, time and location:
Ages 6-12 years – Aug. 3. - 5. at Norges Musikkhøgskole

Ages 13-16 years – Aug. 6. - 8. at Norges Musikkhøgskole

The participants perform what they have learned at the Kids in Jazz festival. Dates and venues TBA.

Course fee: 750,- NOK including the workshop, Kids in Jazz and materials.

Deadline: First come first served! See separate application form on this page.

Application: Fill out this form to apply to BUZZ-workshop.

Questions? Please send an email to buzz@oslojazz.no or call us on 22 42 91 20. You can also reach the musical director Odd André Elveland at +47 46 89 83 02.