11. - 17. AUG 2024
Amalia Umeda Quartet

Amalia Umeda Quartet

Saturday 20th August 19:30

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Amalia “Umeda” Obrębowska is a Polish violinist and composer who is sure to make a name for herself on the European jazz and improv scene. She is one of the selected for the European Footprints project, of which the Oslo Jazz Festival is a partner. Amalia Umeda Quartet’s sound can be described as a fusion between contemporary, experimental jazz and traditional Slavic music.

Amalia Obrębowska has previously collaborated with artists such as Jim Black, Maciej Obara, Miles Perkin, Mike Stern, and studied with the polish violinists Henryk Gembalski and Mateusz Smoczynski. Despite her young age she has been granted awards such as the audience award at The International Zbigniew Seifert Jazz Violin Competition in 2018, and performed at numerous festivals both in Poland and throughout European countries.

In addition to Amalia, the quartet features Franciszek Raczkowski on piano, Michał Aftyka on double bass and Michał Szeligowski on drums, all former classmates at the Academy of Music in Katowice.