11. - 17. AUG 2024
Anthony Braxton: Diamond Curtain Wall Trio

Anthony Braxton: Diamond Curtain Wall Trio

Festsalen, MUNCH

Friday 19th August 19:00

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Anthony Braxton: Diamond Curtain Wall Trio

Some artists have been on the Oslo Jazz Festival's wish list for a number of years. One of these is the American composer and saxophonist Anthony Braxton. On the penultimate day of the festival, the Oslo jazz audience can finally experience the legend on stage in Festhallen at MUNCH.

At this year's festival, Anthony Braxton brings with him the Diamond Curtain Wall Trio project, with Portuguese Susanna Santos Silva (trumpet) and American Adam Matlock (accordion).

Anthony Braxton is recognized as one of the most important musicians, educators, and creative thinkers of the past 50 years, highly esteemed in the creative music community for the revolutionary quality of his work and for the mentorship and inspiration he has provided to generations of younger musicians.

Due to the complexity of his compositions and his inspirations (as he has even written compositions for orchestras on different planets), he is foremost referred to as a radical conceptualist and due to this, his work has been compared to Stockhausen, as much as to icons of free jazz, Dolphy, Coltrane or Ayler.

The compositions for Diamond Curtain Wall Trio were made with Braxton implementing an audio programming language called SuperCollider, a free and open source software. And what this means is that for purely experimental sake, he uses SuperCollider to interplay as an improviser in dialogue with the members of the group for a new form of collective improvisation.

  • Anthony Braxton - saxophone
  • Susanna Santos Silva – trumpet
  • Adam Matlock - accordeon