11. - 17. AUG 2024
Dave Douglas New Quintet
Festsalen, MUNCH17/0819:00Buy Ticket
A spiritual statement | Oslo Jazzfestival 2023

To call Dave Douglas a trumpeter would be a gross understatement. He is a composer full of ideas who constantly reinvents himself with his collaborations. At a time when spontaneous musical encounters are no longer commonplace, even in jazz, the free play of forces still prevails on Dave Douglas' stage.

In the current new quintet formation, Dave Douglas has Joey Baron drum up a young bunch: Nick Dunston on bass stands out at the moment especially as a formative part in Mary Halvorson`s current Amaryllis ensemble. Polish pianist Marta Warelis delivers a dash of classical avant-garde, which she makes sound quite sparkling. And finally, James Brandon Lewis, a saxophonist with young fingers and an old soul. Together they will try their hand at Dave Douglas' music.

Douglas describes the project, dubbed "Songs of Ascent", as follows:

Everybody is jumping on board a moving train. It’s a spiritual statement as much as a musical one. This will be one for the books!

Dave Douglas (trumpet), James Brandon Lewis (tenor saxophone), Marta Warelis (piano), Nick Dunston (bass), Joey Baron (drums).

Concert starts 19:00

Doors 18:00

11. - 17. AUG 2024

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