16. - 22. AUG 2021
Eve Risser (solo)
Hvelvet, Sentralen20/0818:00Buy Ticket

The Paris-based French pianist has since her debut album Ouature, with the duo Donkey Monkey, in 2007 kept a steady course forward with her delicate and expressive music.

Risser has always had an exploratory approach to her music. Having decided to pursue piano instead of the flute, she was quickly made aware of all the limitations of the piano as an instrument. As part of her improvisations, she began to explore prepared piano as a concept – how to produce completely new sounds with the instrument, and in many ways create a new unique instrument of the piano with physical installations on the piano in combination with carefully placed microphones.

At Eve Risser's Oslo Jazz Festival debut in Hvelvet at Sentralen, we get to experience her unique approach to the prepared piano.