16. - 22. AUG 2021
Friends Quartet
Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria17/0816:00Buy Ticket

In 2020, 40 years had passed since Kapstad & Johansen Quartet released the album Friends. The quartet consisted of pianist Egil Kapstad, saxophonist Bjørn Johansen, drummer Ole Jacob Hansen and bassist Bjørn Alterhaug. The same year, Kapstad, Johansen and Hansen would have turned 80, an occasion Alterhaug wanted to mark, along with Tom Olstad, Vigleik Storaas and Knut Riisnæs.

The album Friends was recorded and released in 1980, and the title was taken from the song Friends, which Bjørn Johansen wrote to his friend and bandmate Egil Kapstad. The album was released to great reviews, and in 2007 Ballade.no ranked it as one of the 20 best and most influential jazz records in Norway.

The 40th anniversary celebration initially took place at Victoria National Jazz Stage in the autumn of 2020. They made an appearance at Jazzfest in Trondheim, before returning to the Oslo Jazz Festival in August. This will be a beautiful evening in the spirit of friendship, with four of Norway’s finest jazz musicians.

Photo: Tore Sætre