11. - 17. AUG 2024
Ibrahim Electric

Ibrahim Electric


Monday 14th August 21:00

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Sticky fingers in any musical cookie jar

For a long time, the danish trio Ibrahim Electric has been a very popular group on the European jazz scene. Their eccentric, provocative, and extroverted original music places a hand in just about any musical cookie jar, sending cascades of pearls through the speakers.

With elements of soul/jazz, afrobeat, 60s acid-power-beat and their signature fast almost-punk passages, these danes are not for the pedantic. Either Niclas is playing a guitar solo in the spirit of Ali Farka Toure, Jeppe is playing a piano solo inspired by hammond icons from the 1960s, or Stefan is playing a drum solo with elements of the avantgarde, it is the joy of performing and the intensity of their expression that overpowers it all.

The trio will be recording their 11th album during the fall of 2023, and will once again find new and unpredictable paths through the musical jungle mapping them out with a bag full of new compositions.

Niclas Knudsen (guitar), Stefan Pasborg (drums), Jeppe Tuxen (Hammond organ)

Concert starts 21:00

Doors 20:00