16. - 22. AUG 2021
Jazzland 25 years: Juno
Hvelvet, Sentralen19/0821:00Buy Ticket

JUNO is a young band consisting of five musicians who met at the prestigious Jazz Academy in Trondheim, Norway. Their own uniqe brand of jazz blends catchy pop hooks, complex and groovy rhythms, rap and experimental improvisation. All of these elements result in an exciting and energetic live performance, which during the last two years has been widely appreciated by the Norwegian audience.

They were a part of Oslo Jazzfestival’s Nordic Showcase in 2018, released their debut album in 2020 and have already played at festivals and venues like Bylarm, Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival, Vinterjazz in Aarhus, Brötz in Göteborg, Arctic Arts Festival in Harstad, Kongsberg Jazzfestival, and Oslo Jazzfestival, to name a few.

We can’t wait to welcome Juno Oslo Jazzfestival and listen as they tear down Hvelvet at Sentralen!