16. - 22. AUG 2021
Kim Myhr: Sympathetic Magic
Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria19/0816:00Buy Ticket

In 2017 guitarist Kim Myhr released the album You | me. An album praised by international press such as The Guardian, BBC and Jazzwise for its courageous and exploratory expression. The work was also nominated for the Nordic Music Prize in 2018. At this year’s Oslo Jazz Festival Myhr will grace us with a world premiere; the commissioned work Sympathetic Magic.

In recent years, Myhr and his band have toured the world with You | me project. The touring has led to a strong chemistry and interaction, both socially and musically, which is something Myhr has wanted to reflect in the new music.

Sympathetic Magic was written during the last year's lockdown and is a declaration of love for collective rituals and gatherings. The concert will take shape as a 70-minute long social ritual, led by music which according to the composer himself is perhaps the most personal music he has ever made.

We look forward to seeing what Myhr has prepared for us at the Victoria Jazz Scene in August.

Kim Myhr - guitars and electronics

Håvard Volden - electric guitars

David Stackenäs - electric guitars

Adrian Myhr - electric guitar and bass

  • Anja Lauvdal - organ and synth
  • Hans Hulbækmo - drums
  • Michaela Antalová - drums
  • Ingar Zach - percussion
  • Stig Gunnar Ringen - sound design
  • Martin Myrvold – light design