16. - 22. AUG 2021
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Swiss, Berlin-based jazz vocalist Lucia Cadotsch is behind the moniker Speak Low. A jazz trio comprised of Petter Eldh, Otis Sandsjö and Cadotsch.

Speak Low reworks old classics like “Strang Fruit” and “Moon River” and turns them into brand new contemporary jazz songs with Cadotsch’s unique vocals in the centre.

They dissect each original song, but they’re always careful to keep the original spark – the essence of what makes the song timeless. While Speak Low makes each song their own, they show love to the source material and approach each song with respect.

I 2020 the trio released their follow up to the 2016 album with Speak Low II. They continued to expand on their original formula and approached a lot of whole new material. They explored the repertoire of artist like Brian Eno, Rickie Lee Jones, Luciano Berio and Tony Williams.

With two albums worth of excellent material we're sure that their concert at Victoria during the festival will be a memorable show.