12. - 16. AUG 2020
Nordic Showcase: Orun Quartet
SALT - Pyramidescenen

Afro-Brazilian Jazz Quartet, formed by two Brazilian and two Norwegian musicians. The group brings the fusion of Bahia Grooves and Free Jazz.

Borrowed from the Yorùbá language, "Orun", means the sky or the Spiritual World that goes parallelly with the physical world. It can also mean the Sunlight. The Orun come as a gift andsummarizes the identity and the investigation of the group.

The Quartet bases their research in ancestral music, focuses on the African heritage and how it influences Brazilian Music and Jazz. The group aims to do ethnic rescues, bring back the orality for the musical communication and have the clave or rhythmic ostinatos as their principal foundation.

At the moment, the research is framed on the Terreiros and the spiritual drumming with Atabaques, Ilús, Abês, Cowbells and Agogô. In addition, the group have been embracing contemporary elements and experiences with new compositions by the band members and inspired by the ancestral music.