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Sentralen Friday Program

Sentralen Friday Program


Friday 18th August 17:00

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A total overview of all concerts at Sentralen Friday 18th of August | Oslo Jazzfestival 2023

Eyolf Dale solo Marmorsalen 17:00

Bêl Forstanderskapssalen 18:00

Schntzl Kronesalen 19:00

Mathias Eick Quintet Marmorsalen 20:00

NOUT Hvelvet 21:00

Kaja Draksler & Susana Santos Silva Forstanderskapssalen 22:00

The Lost Quartet Kronesalen 23:00

Isaiah Collier: I AM Hvelvet 00:00

Eyolf Dale solo

Sentralen, Marmorsalen

One of the most exciting improvisational musicians in the North

Norwegian pianist and composer, Eyolf Dale is known for both his solo work, successful collaborations with a great number of jazz artists, and from renowned bands like Eyolf Dale Trio, Wolf Valley, Albatrosh, Daniel Herskedal, Hayden Powell Trio, and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. Since his solo debut in 2011 Dale has established himself as one of the leading pianists of his generation.

Both as a sideman and a solo performer, he has performed all over Europe, as well as toured in the US, Japan, and China. Dale's solo work showcases the mature lyrical introspection that’s often associated with Norwegian jazz, but equally, there is an explorative curiosity and restless free elements in his music that is also becoming an emergent hallmark of the younger Nordic improvisers.

We welcome you to an exclusive solo concert in Marmorsalen at Sentralen on Friday the 18th of August. This will be a unique chance to experience one of the most exciting improvisational musicians in the North. Eyolf Dale will be replacing Bobo Stenson who had to cancel his performance.

Eyolf Dale (piano)

Concert starts 17:00

Doors 16:00


Sentralen, Forstanderskapssalen

Liberated from the traditional rules of jazz

The Norwegian quintet Bêl plays chamber music with fleeting role distribution, completely liberated from the traditional rules of jazz. Their music “sings of the Contemporary” - Arild R. Andersen.

In 2022 they recorded their debut album - My Head Is About To Explode, which received glowing reviews by the likes of Jazznytt, Citizen Jazz (FR), and Jazz in Norway.

By integrating serialism to a strong rhythmic foundation, the band has developed a repertoire that, thanks to its great unpredictability, both captures and challenges the listener. In between the ripping solos meandering a polyrhythmic landscape and vulnerable harmonies performed with intensity and strong presence.

Sol Léna–Schroll (alto saxophone and more), Tore Ljøkelsøy (drums), Joel Ring (cello), Magnus Løvseth (tuba), Sigrid Aftret (tenor saxophone).

Concert starts 18:00

Doors 17:00


Sentralen, Kronesalen

Pop music from a parallel universe

Schntzl is a Belgian duo that creates hyper visual music, provocative but kind. Their music can be heard as pop music of a parallel universe, a teardown of established values but with a taste for kitsch.

The two musicians first met at the ages of 12 and 14 and have never stopped playing together since. Accompanied by their percussion, samplers, keyboards, and drums they function as a fail-safe orchestra of two people, dancing and orbiting around each other. Their music sees improvisation intertwined with fully arranged compositions.

Casper Van De Velde (percussion and drums), Hendrik Lasure (keys)

Concert starts 19:00

Doors 18:00

Mathias Eick Quintet

Sentralen, Marmorsalen

The testimony of an evolved artist

Since the beginning of the 2000s, trumpeter, composer, and band leader Mathias Eick have been referred to as one of the world’s greatest jazz talents. While his past releases have been characterized by a life on the road constantly aiming for new goals and destinations, his newest and fifth release is a testimony of an evolved artist that has found his unique expression and is on the way home.

Mathias Eick has received high praise and multiple awards such as Jazz Festivals Organization's International Jazz Talent, the Statoil Grant, and the DNB Award. After finishing his degree at the jazz conservatory in Trondheim, he made great successes with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra featuring Chick Corea, Jaga Jazzist, Iro Haarla, Manu Katché, Elvira Nikolaisen, and Jacob Young.

Eick has been touring worldwide in various constellations since releasing his first record on ECM, The Door (2008) and has contributed on more than 100 recordings as both trumpeter, vibraphonist, double-bassist, and pianist. Now it's time to experience him and his dream team of musicians at Oslo Jazzfestival 2023.

Mathias Eick (trumpet), Andreas Ulvo (keys), Jonny Sjo (bass), Martin Myhre Olsen (alto saxophone), Torstein Lofthus (drums)

Concert starts 20:00

Doors 19:00


Sentralen, Hvelvet

With the enthusiasm of a mad scientist

The collaboration between french Delphine Joussein, Rafaëlle Rinaudo, and Blanche Lafuente aims at pushing their instruments beyond their limits, with the enthusiasm of a mad scientist in front of his vials. Earlier this year, the trio was awarded Europe Jazz Network’s Zenith Award for emerging artists.

Flute, harp, drums: a rare combination that this trio turns upside down. In the wake of John Zorn's experiences on the borders of jazz and noise, Nout imagines its music as a scenario with surprising twists: we believe to be Ellen Ripley in Alien but we find ourselves in Indiana Jones; we start with our eyes shut on the red seat of a movie theater and we end up rocking in a moshpit.

Delphine Joussein (flute, fx), Rafaëlle Rinaudo (electric harp), Blanche Lafuente (drums)

Concert starts 21:00

Doors 20:00

Kaja Draksler & Susana Santos Silva

Sentralen, Forstanderskapssalen

A flow so organic they make it sound easy

Of Slovenian origin, Kaja Draksler combines classical and jazz motifs, elements from the traditional music of her country and the study of the inner structures of Cecil Taylor’s improvisations. She is a captivating and adventurous player, brimming with ideas and as exciting to behold for the nuances of detail in her playing, as for her strong feeling for rhythm.

Active in both the mainstream and the avant-garde scenes in Europe , trumpeter Susana Santos Silva brings to this duo everything she has been known for in her many other projects, in a more intimate context: Namely, her warm, tightly focused, lyrical and yet highly geometrical style.

To those who have followed these two musicians in their various configurations, there was probably a certain inevitability to their coming together as a duo, which has finally happened after 10 years of playing in various other constellations.

Their first recording as a duo on Clean Feed records titled This Love, is a document of creativity at its highest level. It captures the duo moving back and forth between composition and improvisation, the flow so organic that one could be forgiven for forgetting that it takes musicians of exceptional ability, sensitivity and inventiveness to make music like this sound so effortlessly natural.

Kaja Draksler (piano), Susana Santos Silva (trumpet)

Concert starts 22:00

Doors 21:00

The Lost Quartet

Sentralen, Kronesalen

Myhre Olsen/Slettevoll/Reinert Poulsen/Lofthus plays Wayne Shorter and more

Even though the members of this star spangled quartet each have long careers as part of some of the biggest bands on the Norwegian jazz scene - like Red Kite, Wako, Espen Berg Trio, The Core, Hedvig Mollestad and Elephant9 to mention a few, this constellation is new for everyone.

Their musical expression is heavily inspired by 1960s American jazz with Miles Davis’ second quintet and the solo records of Wayne Shorter, with the addition of Miles’ Lost Quintet as a point of reference. The quartet interprets the music with love for its tradition, mixed with their four strong voices and broad experiences, creating something new based on tracks they truly love.

Martin Myhre Olsen (saxophones), Erlend Slettevoll (keys), Bárður Reinert Poulsen (bass), Torstein Lofthus (drums)

Concert starts 23:00

Doors 22:00

Isaiah Collier: I AM

Sentralen, Hvelvet

Music designed to connect with another realm

Out of the vibrant Chicago scene, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and activist Isaiah Collier has made a name for himself as a saxophone player, be it with his own projects or at the side of artists like Chance The Rapper, Waddada Leo Smith III, Junius Paul and many more.

Cosmic Transitions (2021), his last release with his band The Chosen Few, was recorded at Rudy Van Gelder's legendary Studio on Coltrane’s birthday, using some of the same analog equipment that was used for the original recording session of A Love Supreme. It showcases Collier’s extensive musical range and expressive talent, and honors the tradition in which it inscribes itself, whilst also remaining decisively forward-looking. About I AM (2022) Collier has said that one of their goals was to revisit some ideas from an exchange during “Mercury’s Retrograde” from Cosmic Transitions and explore their spiritual consciousnesses more deeply through sound.

Collier has been referred to as a musical virtuoso “in the truest sense” and one of last year’s most rewarding listens, thanks to his transformative and open-ended music. Some would even say he is “the new Coltrane”.

Isaiah Collier (saxophones), Michael Shekwoaga Ode (drums)

Concert starts 00:00

Doors 23:00

18 years