13. - 20. AUG 2022
Stian Carstensen: Musical Sanatorium
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​​The first concert at MUNCH’s Festsal during this year’s festival will be Stian Carstensen and his Musical Sanatorium project. A lot of people know him as the leading star for the band Farmers Market, but Carstensen has an impressive discography and career including solo projects and a broad range of collaborations.

The multi-instrumentalist released the album “Musical Sanatorium” in October 2021 and was praised by critics for him ambitious genre bending approach to musical tradition. Carstensen’s latest record is described as a hybrid of western European film music, merged with exotic, Bulgarian rhythms. Recorded over a period of five years, the album is the most complex work by Carstensen so far in his musical career, with contributions from musicians such as Mike Patton, Ola Kvernberg, Atle Sponberg, Jacob Collier, Todd Terje, Jarle Vespestad, Finn Guttormsen, Audun Sandvik, Bjarne Magnus Jensen, Sidsel Walstad, Torbjør Dyrud, Pål Hausken, Gabriel Carstensen og Marinette Tonnig-Olsen.

The innovative instrument combinations creates a dramatic and and cinematic sound that will fill up the Festsal at MUNCH.

  • Stian Carstensen – accordeon, lapsteel, banjo, mandolin
  • Ola Kvernberg – violin
  • Atle Sponberg – violin
  • Bjarne Magnus Jensen – violin
  • Ginani Lincan – cimbalon
  • Torbjørn Dyrud - keys
  • Sidsel Walstad – harp
  • Mats Eilertsen - double bass
  • Jarle Vespestad - drums
13. - 20. AUG 2022

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