13. - 20. AUG 2022
Sun-Mi Hong Quintet
Forstanderskapssalen, Sentralen19/0819:30Buy Ticket

The Sun-Mi Hong Quintet is an Emerging addition to the European scene of Improvised and Contemporary Jazz music. The Quintet walks the line between elaborate composition and the great void that is improvised music.

Born and raised in In-Cheon, Korea: Sun-Mi has a unique perspective of life after her past ten years in Amsterdam. With a signature of rooted groove in combination with well tempered outbursts, Sun-Mi has placed herself strongly in the Dutch jazz scene. By approaching the moment in a somewhat meditative fashion, she achieves the ability to bring something entirely original to the band stand.

Her last album “Page two: A Self-Strewn Portrait”, with the quintet, has won the prize of the Edison Award 2021 in the category National. In 2018 she won the Dutch Jazz Competition and the 2nd prize of the Getxo International Jazz Competition in 2017 with the quintet we will see at Sentralen under Oslo Jazzfestival.

13. - 20. AUG 2022

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