11. - 17. AUG 2024
5 new names added to Oslojazz 2024!

5 new names added to Oslojazz 2024!

New artists ready for the main programme

31st of may, 2024

This week we have five new, varied and exciting concerts for you, featuring Beady Belle, Flukten, Øyunn, Mark Ernestus' Ndagga Rhythm Force, and Sarah Camille.

Beady Belle

For over 20 years, Beate Lech, perhaps better known as Beady Belle, has released music that borders between pop, soul, funk, and jazz, and everything in between. Accompanying her is an exceptionally solid and tight band that never disappoints. And the crown jewel is Lech’s velvety voice with enormous energy and presence. The party starts early this Saturday at Herr Nilsen.

Beady Belle – vocals, David Wallumrød – keyboards, Marius Reksjø – bass, Thomas Gallatin – drums, Agnes Andersen – backing vocals, Ingrid Fantoft – backing vocals

Beady Belle performs at Herr Nilsen on Saturday, August 17th at 16.00. Tickets are available here.


It originally started as a fruitful jam session among friends but has since grown into one of the country’s leading jazz groups. Now, Flukten is releasing their highly anticipated self-titled second album, led by the brilliantly good singles "Bjørni Sover" and "Flukten." It will be a delightful experience to hear both older and brand-new tunes from a playful band in top form at Victoria this evening!

Hanna Paulsberg – saxophone, Marius Klovning – guitar, Bárður Reinert Poulsen – bass, Hans Hulbækmo – drums

Flukten performs at the National Jazzscene on Wednesday, August 14th at 21.00. Tickets are available here.


Drummer and vocalist/rapper Øyunn has found a musical path that leads somewhere between alternative pop, hip hop, and indie, with distinctive grooves and an ear for catchy melodies. Here you will find electronic arpeggios and an expressive vocal with personal lyrics about relationships, hope, inner turmoil, and a quest to find one’s own voice.

Kasper Staub – keyboards, Jens Mikkel Madsen – bass, Øyunn – drums, vocals, Aske Bode – sound and live processing

Øyunn performs at Blå - Himmelen on Saturday, August 17th at 18.00. Tickets are available here.

Mark Ernestus' Ndagga Rhythm Force

Mark Ernestus' Ndagga Rhythm Force is a collaboration between a rotating group of Senegalese sabar musicians and the German techno legend Mark Ernestus (the man behind Basic Channel and Rhythm and Sound). Their sound has been refined through many iterations of intercontinental exchange. Ndagga Rhythm Force – named in reference to the legendary Bronx dub-session band Wackies Rhythm Force – was formed in 2014 and distilled the mbalax sound into a more minimal iteration described as "an expression of a dream between Dakar and Berlin."

Mark Ernestus' Ndagga Rhythm Force performs at Blå on Saturday, August 17th at 20.00. Tickets are available here.

Children's Concert: Sarah Camille - Papillon

Oslojazz 2024 starts with a fantastic concert for young and old. Together we journey into Sarah Camille's universe, where melodies, small stories, rhythms, and memories flutter around each other. Just like a butterfly's wings, the music of Papillon takes us from one thing to another in a transparent and minimalist soundscape, flying far beyond all genre boundaries. The concert lasts about 40 minutes and is open to all but is probably best suited for children aged 4 and up. The concert takes place at 11:30 AM and 2:00 PM, so choose the time that suits you and yours best. Welcome to a wonderful start to this year’s Oslo Jazz Festival!

Sarah Camille – vocals, storytelling, Jørn Erik Ahlsen Alkanger – guitar, Sidiki Camara – percussion

Sarah Camille performs in Forstanderskapssalen at Sentralen on Sunday, August 11th at 11.30 and 14.00. Tickets are available here.

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