13. - 19. AUG 2023

Festival design

We're proud to reveal the visual profile for Oslo Jazzfestival 2021.

The visual profile for the Oslo Jazzfestival 2021 is designed by Oslo based designer Nick Alexander.

We asked him to share his thoughts on the profile:

"The visual profile for Oslo Jazzfestival 2021 is based around the idea of Jazz music and improvisation. Looking at a Jazz quartet and how they work both together and individually to create a musical landscape. Drawing comparisons between the visual placement of the letters in the profile and how they collaborate in the same way as musicians collaborate for a live performance." 

"The spaces created by the J A Z Z letters can be compared to the spaces and placements of musical notes. Experiments with pitch, tone, flavour, contrast, depth, friction, scale. The fun and eye-catching profile will be present on all platforms and promotions related to this years festival."

13. - 19. AUG 2023

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