11. - 17. AUG 2024
Nils Petter Molvær to play at Oslo Jazzfestival 2023!

Nils Petter Molvær to play at Oslo Jazzfestival 2023!

This year marks 25 years since the release of Khmer

We are excited to reveal that Nils Petter Molvær will be performing his debut album Khmer from 1998 at this years festival.

Tickets are on sale now!

Molvær may be best known for his collaboration with most of Scandinavia's leading jazz musicians, and for his work with Sly & Robbie and Bill Laswell. We are stoked to announce his return to the festival with a celebration of the release that would substantiate his career and role in jazz history.

Molvær’s groundbreaking debut album Khmer was released in 1998 and has sold over 250 000 copies worldwide. This piece established his position as one of the leading voices within the European jazz movement in the 90s. On this record, massive beats and pounding grooves meet to underpin the norwegian trumpeters atmospheric solos and the finished project builds a bridge between the improvised soundscape we know  from many ECM-artists, and the (then) brave new world of trip-hop, drum’n’bass, ambient/illbient, techno, industrial, electronica, and samples.

As an album, Khmer joins the freedom of jazz and the sound potential of pop/rock. The celebration of this legendary album is not something you would want to miss!

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