13. - 19. AUG 2023

This year's visual profile (2020)

The Oslo Jazz Festival 2020's visual profile is designed by Nick Alexander.

The visual profile for the Oslo Jazz Festival 2020 is designed by Oslo based designer Nick Alexander.

We asked him to share his thoughts on the profile:

The visual profile for Oslo Jazz 2020 is based on the concept of Jazz music and improvisation. Looking at a Jazz quartet, drums, bass, sax, piano and how they work both together and individually to create improvised music. The profile tries to visually represent this using a unique alphabet of letters hand cut from paper. The idea is to experiment with different constalations of the illustrative letters to form the word JAZZ. The letters are expressive in form reflecting the diverse sounds and tones of Jazz.

The way the letters interact with each other in the profile aims to represent the way musicians collaborate for a live performance.

By experimenting with the way the letters are used around the space in a poster, an advert, a social media post, a street banner, and t-shirt, the visual identity aims to create a very rich and creative profile that has many different possibilities and many visual combinations. The images are striking and stand out to make a strong identity.

In addition i have created some simple abstracted illustrations of instruments in JAZZ music, Piano, Bass, Drums, Trumpet, Sax and Digital tools. These are used to add visual impact to the profile.

13. - 19. AUG 2023

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