11. - 17. AUG 2024
Victoria programme is complete

Victoria programme is complete

Seven glorious concerts in six days

June 18th, 2024:

During the festival week, we will experience seven different expressions and variations within jazz at the prestigious National jazzscene in the middle of Karl Johan. The festival program at Victoria includes Emmet Cohen Trio, Emil Bø: Not Normal, Flukten, Kjetil Mulelid: Agoja, Cyrille Aimée, AOJO, and Petter Eldh Post Koma.

Emmet Cohen Trio

Despite his young age, the American pianist Emmet Cohen has delivered classic yet expansive jazz for over a decade. With a mix of fresh interpretations of evergreen standards and his own vital compositions, he has achieved great success with concert audiences and critics worldwide.

Emmet Cohen – piano, Russell Hall – bass, Kyle Poole – drums

Emmet Cohen Trio plays on Monday, August 12th at 21.00. Tickets available here.

Emil Bø: Not Normal

Trombonist Emil Bø, despite his young age, has been a central figure in the jazz scene for several years. Bø explores his instrument to its limits and is on a perpetual quest for different sounds and tones possible from the trombone. Bø was awarded the USBL Jazz Talent at last year's Oslo Jazz, part of which is a concert at the next year's festival. And here we are.

Emil Bø – trombone, Heidi Kvelvane – saxophone, Eirik Hegdal – saxophone, Anna Ueland – synth, electronics, Åsmund Waage – vibraphone, Kertu Aer – bass, Veslemøy Narvesen – drums

Emil Bø: Not Normal plays on Tuesday, August 13th at 21.00. Tickets available here.


Originally started as a fruitful jam among friends, it has since grown to become one of the country's leading jazz groups. Although Flukten started in the thick and darkest pandemic times, the band has found time in their already packed schedules and played many concerts at home and abroad to standing ovations. With a band consisting of some of our foremost musicians such as Hanna Paulsberg, Marius Klovning, Bárður Reinert Poulsen, and Hans Hulbækmo, it's no wonder the cheers spread throughout the concert hall.

Hanna Paulsberg – saxophone, Marius Klovning – guitar, Bárður Reinert Poulsen – bass, Hans Hulbækmo – drums

Flukten plays on Wednesday, August 14th at 21.00. Tickets available here.

Kjetil Mulelid: Agoja

Kjetil Mulelid is one of our most prominent pianists, and his various projects have all received praise from home and abroad. He has captivated audiences with his excellent playing, whether with his own trio, in a duo format with Siril Malmedal Hauge, or as part of the band Wako. Now the Agoja project is ready to take the stage with a premiere at the Oslo Jazz Festival. Mulelid has assembled a group of top-notch musicians ready to delve into the playful musical world.

Kjetil Mulelid – piano, Trygve Seim – saxophone, Sissel Vera Pettersen – saxophone, Arve Henriksen – trumpet, Lars Horntveth - pedal steel, Bárður Reinert Poulsen – bass, Andreas Winther - drums

Kjetil Mulelid: Agoja plays on Thursday, August 15th at 21.00. Tickets available here.

Cyrille Aimée

Aimée follows a tradition rooted in the Great American Songbook but draws just as much inspiration from modern pop, bossa nova, swing jazz, and pure vocal improvisation. In recent years, the songwriter Aimée has become increasingly prominent, as evident on this year's album à Fleur de Peau. The album is rich with soulful jazz, woven together with a good dose of sophisticated pop, warmed by a tropical breeze from the Caribbean Sea.

Cyrille Aimée – vocals, Dave Torkanowsky – piano, Lex Warshawsky – bass, Yonatan Rosen – drums

Cyrille Aimée plays on Friday, August 16th at 20.00. Tickets available here.

AOJO - 10 years

Time flies when you're having fun – and swoosh, it's been 10 years since the East Norwegian Jazz Center gathered the very first of eventually six regional youth jazz bands in Eastern Norway. During this time, the youth jazz ensembles have established themselves as vital additions to Norwegian jazz life and as highly productive breeding grounds for young jazz musicians.

AOJO plays on Saturday, August 17th at 14:00. Tickets available here.

Petter Eldh Post Koma

Koma Saxo, Post Koma, or Petter Eldh Post Koma – a beloved child has many names. This can be a bit confusing, but the musical core remains the same. The band is Petter Eldh's vision of gathering a saxophone-heavy front with Otis Sandsjö and Jonas Kullhammar, a dynamic rhythm section with Eldh on bass and Christian Lillinger on drums, and Sofia Jernberg's vocals tying it all together. The result is an astonishingly good band.

Sofia Jernberg – vocals, Otis Sandsjö - saxophone, Jonas Kullhammar – saxophone, Petter Eldh – bass, Christian Lillinger - drums

Petter Eldh Post Koma plays on Saturday, August 17th at 2100. Tickets available here.

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