11. - 17. AUG 2024


Every year, Oslo Jazzfestival is in need of more volunteers to help give our audience the ultimate music experience.

Being a volunteer gives you the opportunity to get an insight behind the scenes of the festival. We aim to create a great working environment amongst our volunteers where you can meet new people and experience great jazz music.

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Volunteer registration for Oslo Jazzfestival 2023 is done through this form.

If you have any questions regarding assignments or registration, you can contact us at frivillig@oslojazz.no.

Being a volunteer at Oslojazz 2023

At this year’s festival, volunteers will be offered:

  • Festival pass
  • Food and drinks when at work
  • Festival T-shirt
  • Kick off gathering in June
  • Volunteer party after the festival with food and drinks
  • Offers on additional free tickets via SMS (if available)
  • Letter of recommendation (by request)

Q: How much will I be working?

A: Volunteers at OJF is usually scheduled for around 15 hours in total. This can be split up into 1-2 long shifts, or 3-4 short shifts.

Q: What sort of tasks can I be assigned to?

A: There are various different tasks for the volunteers to choose between. You can decide which task you think best suits your interests and skills. Each area is divided into groups with a leader that is responsible for guiding you through the tasks.


  • Technical (Teknisk)l: Handling equipment and making sure the stage is rigged up and down at the right time. This group is responsible for moving speakers and instruments (as stage hands).
  • Transport: Driving the artists. Collect and transfer equipment to/from providers and venues.
  • Jazz cafeteria (Jazzkantina): Making sure the common area is the festivals most pleasant spot for the volunteers, the artists and guests to mingle and dine. This group is responsible for organizing and serving lunch and dinner.
  • Artist hosts (Artistsvert): You would function as a contact person for the artists. Making sure the musicians feel welcome and stick to schedules. Provide food and drinks at the venues.


  • Social media (Sosiale medier): Responsible for updating our social media channels with posts, stories and info during the festival.
  • Photo (Foto): Photograph and film during the festival, mainly the concerts.
  • Festival reception (Festivalresepsjon): Responsible for accreditation of the volunteers, musicians, press and guests. The Festival reception will also function as an infopoint.
  • Promo: Hanging posters around the city. This group will also manage infopoints during festival week.
  • Profiling (Profilering): Making sure the venues appear according to the visual profile of the festival. Assemble banners, flags, roll-ups, hang posters and more. This group is also responsible for sponsor profiling. Working mainly during the afternoons and nights, depending on the concert schedule.
  • Hosts (Publikumsvert): Making sure the audience are welcomed and looked after. Responsible for the queue, handling sales and validation of tickets.


  • Impro group: Stepping in where they're needed and making sure there is a good working environment amongst the volunteers.

11. - 17. AUG 2024

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