11. - 17. AUG 2024

Presenting this year’s Oslo Jazz Talent bands!

The ten bands will be playing FREE concerts at Blå and Herr Nilsen Wednesday through saturday in week 33.


DYKDYPP deep-dives into a self-composed world where the divers’ interests have melted together somewhere rock, jazz, folk, and classical music collide in a tasteful whirlwind of sound waves.

Gard Hvammen Trio

Gard Hvammen Trio is recognised by an exploratory attitude towards music and a playful spontaneity in their interactions. Their broad specter of references shines through each musical choice, and through their interpretations of each other’s and other compositions they challenge the traditional roles of a piano trio.

Gard Kronborg Group

Gard Kronborg Group is an electro-acoustic jazz quintet based in Trondheim. The band plays harmonically heavy and intricate jazz tunes with singable pop-inspired melodies, wrapped up in an introverted sound-landscape of dreamy synths, vibraphone, and “spaghetti western”-guitar.


Grossband is a cordless quartet playing explosive jazz inspired by Steve Grossman. Through their own compositions, they celebrate the legendary saxophonist and explore the world of musical interactions without chords.

Lightning trio

With lyrical themes, beautiful harmonies, and complex rhythmic, Lightning Trio plays jazz music that both pleases and challenges the listener. The trio explores a specter of styles and expressions through the members’ own compositions.


Based on their soul- and pop-inspired songs, naema stretches their material through live improvisations and musical playfulness giving them their unique sound. With rough pop-ballads and lyrics based on sleepless streams of consciousness, namea has found their dark and mysterious expression.

Neptune’s Habit

Consisting of students from both the Norwegian Music Academy and NTNU, Neptune’s Habit’s music is created through explosive interactions gravitating a solid foundation of decisive rifs and levitating melodies. Each band member brings their own unique energy, resulting in a broad and intense landscape of sound.


PESH plays explosive chamber jazz that exists in the intersection of tradition and total freedom. The quartet consists of up-and-coming jazz musicians from Poland and Norway that were brought together during the international improvisation-program «INTL Jazz Platform» in 2021.


Schemes is an explosion of energy, disguised as a Danish-Norwegian jazz quartet based in Trondheim. Consisting of intricate compositions with a free approach bound together by long stretches of explosive play, their music is unconventional and contrasting.


As the name suggests, Wavemakers is a quartet building large momentum, forming a 'groove-organism'. Tuva's violin floats with ease, Amund and August give grounded momentum, and Alex leads in the midst of the ‘wave’ with his warm keystroke.

For the full program and more information about the bands, read here

11. - 17. AUG 2024

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