Arturo O’Farrill Quintet

Pianist Arturo O’Farrill, son of the well-known musician, composer and conductor Chico O’Farrill, was born in 1960. Having embarked on his own musical career and participated in collaborations with Dizzy Gillespie, Carla Bley and Harry Belafonte, he joined his father’s Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra, which he also took over on the death of Chico. In 2001 he got an offer from Wynton Marsalis to form the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra that performed regularly at the Lincoln Center in New York. Having been nominated no fewer than seven times, O’Farrill has won four Grammy awards, most recently in 2017 for the best jazz composition.

When he’s not playing, O’Farrill teaches jazz at different universities in the US. O’Farrill’s commitment to the Cuban and Latin genres is strong, and he has made a great effort to promote and preserve this tradition. He was also involved in setting up the charity Afro Latin Jazz Alliance, which provides instruments and musical tuition to children in New York schools. This work, combined with his fantastic musical savvy, have made him a star on the Cuban musical scene.

He formed the Arturo O’Farrill Quintet together with his two sons Zachary and Adam O’Farrill, as well as Boris Koslov and Chad Lefkowitz Brown, and it’s this line-up we’ll be hearing at this year’s OJF.

  • Piano – Arturo O’Farrill
  • Trumpet – Adam O’Farrill
  • Drums – Zachary O’Farrill
  • Bass – Boris Koslov
  • Saxophone – Chad Lefkowitz Brown