Gilberto Gil

Finally, we have the pleasure of presenting Gilberto Gil at the Oslo Jazz Festival. It is now ten years since the last time he was in Oslo at a sold-out Rockefeller during Oslo World.

Gilberto Gil became known in the late 60s when he and other young Brazilian musicians started the Tropicália movement. Through political texts, they broke with the Brazilian military regime’s controlled pop music and activated young people. In 1969, Gil was arrested and lived in exile in London for three years before returning after the regime’s fall.

Gilberto Gil has recorded over 60 albums and has collaborated with musicians such as Caetano Veloso, Jimmy Cliff and Bugge Wesseltoft. The collaboration with Bugge resulted in the record “O sol de Oslo” which was recorded in the Rainbow studio by Jan Erik Kongshaug in 1998. Gil has won two Grammy awards, and was honored in 2003 with Storkors by The Royal Norwegian Order of Merit. From 2003 to 2008 he was Brazil’s Minister of Culture under President Luis “Lula” Da Silva’s rule.

His musical style is influenced by a variety of genres such as rock, bossa nova, samba, reggae and pop. According to Gil himself, the lyrics cover everything from daily family life to political, social and cultural movements.

During the concert in Oslo Concert Hall, Gilberto Gil will perform songs from his latest album “OK OK OK” along with a selection of classics.

Gilberto Gil – vocal, guitar
Bem Gil – vocal, guitar
Nara Gil – backing vocals
Jose Gil – drums, percussion
Bruno Di Lullo – bass
Domenico Lancellotti – drums, percussion
Danilo Andrade – keyboards
Thiago Queiroz – sax, flute
Diogo Gomes – horns