Hot Club de Norvége – 40 years!

This year marks the 40thanniversary for the Norwegian string swing band Hot Club de Norvège. The band has always had a close relationship with Oslo Jazz Festival which is why we’re inviting you to an anniversary party at one of the best venues in Oslo: the University Aula. In addition to Hot Club there’ll be some noteworthy guests stars on stage: Ola Kvernberg, Kari Svendsen and the young and very promising guitarist Ola Erlien.

  • Jon Larsen – guitar
  • Finn Hauge – violin
  • Svein Aarbostad – bass
  • Ola Rasmus Erlien – guitar
  • Ola Kvernberg – fiddle
  • Kari Svendsen – banjo
  • Gildas Le Pape – guitar