Pixel is a trendsetting indie jazz band getting a lot of attention around Europe on their ”Golden Years” tour. They’re booked for this year’s North Sea Jazz Festival in July, and thanks to a lovely feature in Downbeat Magazine, the band has gained even more fans over the pond..

Pixel says, “With Golden Years, we wanted to make a third album where we cultivated the band sound to an even greater extent than previously. Everyone has been writing songs. This is the sum of four musical heads that have created a deliciously varied album that embraces everything we enjoy in music. ”

The live incarnation of the band has evolved over the years. Soundscapes and improvisations are more prominent, but Pixels ability to captivate is still strongly present.

Ellen Andrea Wang – bass, vocals

Harald Lassen – saxophone, vocals

Jonas Kilmork Vemøy – trumpet, vocals

Jon Audun Baar – drums