16.00 – Lille Balkong

The band Lille Balkong arose on the spring of 2015, when a group of friends gathered to play together. Since then, they have played concerts at Kongsberg Jazz Festival and Nasjonal Jazz Scene, and now – at Oslo Jazz Festival. Lille Balkong wishes to convey their music to as many as possible, hoping to create down to earth, cozy and occasionally existential musical experiences.

Thea Emilie Wang – vocal
Henrik Sandstad Dalen – double bass
Kenneth Enes Kristoffersen – drums
Torstein Slåen – guitar

17.30 – Billy Meier

Billy Meyer makes music with a simple starter point on a travel filled with energetic and sparking grooves, improvisations, riffs and melodies. With references to jazz, roots, hip hop, psychedelia and space rock, their music is a tribute to the Swiss UFO theorist Eduardo Albert «Billy» Meier. Flute and the fiddle up against a guitar trio creates an exciting soundscape inspired by the outer space.

Henriette Eilertsen – flute
Hans P. Kjorstad – fiddle
Sander Eriksen Nordahl – guitar
Martin Morland – double bass
Ivar Myrset Asheim – drums

19.00 – Milde Moses

Milde Moses plays negro spirituals in a new costume: energetic jazz tunes and fragile ballads, always with an emphasis on tough arrangements and a good atmosphere. This spring the band played at Nasjonal Jazz Scene and Maijazz, and they are now ready to present new material to the Oslo Jazz Festival-crowd.

August Kann – vocal
Sigrid Aftret – tenor saxophone
Kristoffer Lippestad – tenor and baritone saxophone
Håkon Bjørgo – double bass
Trond-Martin Tanke – drums