Sons of Kemet

There’s been a lot of excitement on the young British jazz scene in recent years, where one of the leading exponents is the ubiquitous saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, with projects like Shabaka & The Ancestors, the Comet is Coming (playing at the Øya festival) and, not least, Sons of Kemet.

Sons of Kemet is a jazz quartet, but not of the classic kind. With a line-up that includes two drummers (Tom Skinner and Eddie Hick), a tuba player (Theon Cross), plus a sax player, the music swings vigorously. The band finds its inspiration in afro-futurism, the Caribbean roots of the band members, and the city they live in: London. The band was recently signed up by the iconic jazz label Impulse Records, and Oslo’s jazz public can look forward to a concert featuring some great new material from them.