Trondheim Jazz Orchestra w/ Alf Hulbækmo

Grønland Church

Thursday 15. August, at 18.00

Buy tickets 240,-

Last year Alf Hulbækmo was named the Sparebank 1 SMN JazZtipendat (Grant recipient), which gave him the opportunity to develop the commissioned work “Skumringsbarda” with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. The concert premieres during this year’s Molde International Jazz Festival, but can already be experienced in Grønland Churchless than a month later during Oslo Jazz Festival.

Skumringsbarda was a fantasy world Hulbækmo enjoyed travelling to, which was safe, despite the dangers, and where one could relax and be in control. A fantasy world that only you can understand yourself. It is easy to both carry and put away. It always exists, while it never exists.

Hulbækmo composed the music to soundtrack his Skumringsbarda world, and he’ll play the church organ during the performance. He studied jazz at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and is a part of a musical family. Together with his mother Tone Hulbækmo, his father Hans Fredrik Jacobsen and his brother Hans Hulbækmo he has released several records as Hulbækmo & Jacobsen Familieorkester. In addition, he plays in the seven-piece orchestra Taiga Orchestra, the band Lillebror and the duo Siril og Alf with Siril Malmedal Hauge.

All the concerts will be acoustic in Grønland Church will be acoustic this year and thus we hope this will be a magic and unforgettable concert!

Rohey Taalah – vocal
Siri Gjære – vocal
Harald Relling Nielsen – vocal
Håkon Aase – violin
Katrine Schiøtt – cello
Eirik Hegdal – woodwind
Hildegunn Øiseth – trumpet
TBA – horn
Ole Jørgen Melhus – trombone
Alf Hulbækmo – organ
Hans Hulbækmo – drums and percussion
Tor Breivik – sound design