Zap Mama

Behind the name Zap Mama you’ll find the Belgian-Congolese singer Marie Daulne, who in the course of a 25-year-long career has been serving up her distinctive and eclectic mélange of Afropop, jazz, hip hop and soul. Her compelling stage presence and brilliant vocal technique have impressed fellow musicians and audiences across all genre boundaries. She has worked together with performers such as Erykah Badu, Common, The Roots and Sergio Mendez.

Zap Mama last played Oslo when she was at Cosmopolite during the Oslo World Music Festival in 2004. This concert culminated in exuberant jubilation and a review in Dagsavisen in which Mode Steinkjer wrote that “Should one do something as unheard of as to declare a winner of the Oslo World Music Festival, then Zap Mama would be a strong candidate”. We don’t know if Zap Mama will end up by winning this year’s Oslojazz, but we are convinced that there will be yet another unforgettable evening at Cosmopolite during this year’s festival.