DRIVERS for the musicians

Drivers are responsible for looking after the musicians from their arrival and up until their departure. The musicians are met in the festival’s own vehicles at Gardermoen or Oslo S for example, before being taken on to their hotel, to and from the sound check, and the concert, and finally onto their point of departure.

You need to clarify the performer’s needs and preferences and communicate information between him/her and those in charge of arrangements at the festival office.

You must enjoy driving and dealing with people, and you need to be service-minded, responsible, and able to cope happily even though things can get pretty hectic at times.

We also need drivers who are not responsible for looking after specific musicians, but who can carry out all types of transport assignments, whether these involve performers or equipment. You will not have the same degree of contact with the musicians, but will be part of a very convivial team, with a great sense of humour and a high stress threshold.

We work more or less around the clock during the festival.

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