13. - 20. AUG 2022

Nordic Showcase, Jazzpurk, Serendip,Jazzintro and Oslo Hiking

Nordic Showcase line up revealed and collaborations with Serendip, Jazzpurk, Jazzintro and Oslo Hiking.

Oslo Jazz Festival will this year offer a string of free concerts at Salt from Thursday to Saturday.

Here, the Oslo audience will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the future of jazz, with Nordic Showcase concerts (with Norwegian focus this year) and other young jazz bands presented by Jazzpurk and Serendip. All of these concerts will be free!

Nordic Showcase is Oslo Jazz Festival’s talent development program for young talented bands and music students.

- Previously, you’ve been able to discover bands like Juno, Kongle Trio, I Like To Sleep and Master Oogway at Oslo Jazz Festival's Nordic Showcase evenings, so there’s a good chance you’ll discover some unknown jems here, says Øyvind S. Larsen.

The chosen Nordic Showcase bands for 2020 are Bêl, Miriam Kibakaya Concept, New Banke, Franklin, Bliss and Orun Quartet.

In addition to Nordic Showcase concerts Oslo Jazz Festival will offer a concert with the young bigband AOJO and collaborations with Jazzpurk, Serendip and Norsk Jazzforum’s Jazzintro. All for free!

Complete free program at Salt:

13.08: Miriam Kibakaya Concept (Nordic Showcase)

13.08: Lady Bird Orchestra (Jazzintro)

13.08: New Banke (Nordic Showcase)

13.08: Damata (Jazzintro)

14.08: AOJO

14.08: Franklin (Nordic Showcase)

14.08: Klossmajor (Jazzpurk)

14.08: Bliss (Nordic Showacse)

14.08: Ako Ako (Serendip)

15.08: Bêl (Nordic Showcase)

15.08: Orun Quartet (Nordic Showcase)

15.08: Bångotrøkk (Serendip)

15.08: Beats of No Nation (Jazzpurk)

Hiking and an outdoors concert with Frode Haltli & Erlend Apneseth

How often do you get to combine a guided hike in the woods with a Frode Haltli & Erlend Apneseth concert at a historical ski jump? This trip combines a relatively easy hike in one of Nordmarka's stunning forests and the opportunity to experience live music under the open skies.

More info and booking at Oslo Hiking's website.

Oslo Hiking: Erlend Apneseth & Frode Haltli

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13. - 20. AUG 2022

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