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Usbl Jazztalent award

12. August 2019

The young and promising musician Daniela Reyes Holmsen was awarded The 2019 Usbl Jazz Talent Award was given to Daniela Reyes Holmsen. She is currently a student at the Norwegian Academy of Music. She plays guitar, plays, sings and composes. She has been a student at Asker Kulturskole, and has already performed at several festivals, such as Miniøya, Over Oslo, Hvalstrandfestival, Bylarm and Oslo Jazzfestival.

The Usbl Jazztalent Prize was awarded for the very first time by Usbl CEO Johan Bruun at the Oslo Jazz Festival’s opening concert at the Opera on 11 August 2019.

She received a grant of NOK 30,000 as well as an offer to do a concert at the Oslo Jazz Festival in 2020. In addition, she received a diploma illustrated by the artist Sindre Gøksøyr.