Oslo Jazz Festival

Oslo Jazz Festival is a non-profit foundation with the purpose of producing a festival of 60-70 concerts at 15-18 venues in the center of Oslo every year in week 33. We cover all different jazz styles and are established as one of the major jazz festivals in Norway.


Festival council:

  • Bente Almås – Production office
  • Dorothia G. Short – Communication office
  • Karoline Magnussen Strand – Internal service


  • Ellen Horn – Chairman
  • Jannike Sørensen – Deputy Chairman
  • Dorothia G. Short
  • Øystein Aurlien
  • Hannah Wozene Kvam
  • Harald Lassen
  • Pål Stephensen

Management (left to right):

  • Øyvind Skjerven Larsen – Festival director
  • Roy Jahrn – Producer
  • André Ishak – Marketing and Communications